Sallenders and Mallenders can be a demoralising and stubborn skin condition found in Cobs and heavy horses. It first appears as a build up of thickened, crusted scale and scabs on the front and hind legs of horses. It is somethimes known as "Cob Knee". Sallenders occurs in the crease of the knee on the front leg and Mallenders is present in front of the hock on the hind legs. This condition effects mostly Draft or heavy breeds, although it can be found in many horses that are heavily feathered. As a Farrier I often come across Sallenders and Mallenders in Gypsy, Shire, Drum and Friesian horses.

The cause of Sallenders and Mallenders is the over protection of Keratin, Keratin is the building block of hair and horn. It is the fibrous protein. Sallenders and Mallenders can become extremely uncomfortable for your horse and if left untreated can cause lameness. If lesions are left to develop, secondary fungal and bacterial infection may transpire.

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There is no cure for Sallenders and Mallenders but it can be managed easily.

Farriers Ointment will gently soften the waxy build-up in a couple of days and the scabs will start to drop off.

Farriers Ointment will also help prevent and address any infections associated with this condition. It is a simple, safe and natural treatment and will have your horses legs smooth and free of scabs, cracks and pain in a very short time.

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The origins of the Farriers range of products is unclear. I was given these recipes in 1973 by Arty Baker, a Farrier from Leicestershire. Arty was 82 years old back then and I assume he was handed down the recipes by the Master

The products we make today follow those tried and trusted methods of 100 years ago. We hope you enjoy using our product and we are certain they will benefit your horse.

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